Learning more…

Well, a couple more things are operational on the site. I now have random photos on the left hand side. These photos are from our various trips to places, such as Garmish, Germany and Venice, Vernoa, Pisa and Florence, Italy. I will post larger versions here and there. We are going to change the weather because I have come to realize that NOAA only updates their weather readings once a day M-F.

Happy Easter!

Well, look at this…post 2!! I hope everyone has had and is having a fabulous Easter day. We had a nice day here. Clouds threatened rain all day but it never did rain though it was a bit cooler out than it has been. Oh and a note…our weather icon does not appear to update over the weekends…so the weather you see on Sat and Sun is likely not accurate! :-( We will see what we can do about changing where we get the weather from but over all NOAA is the most accurate place we have seen for our weather since we moved here. We planted the primroses we had purchased a couple weeks ago and planted some Angel Trumpet seeds that Pam had sent me last year from her plants. I can’t wait to see how they do here in Italy. I hear the 2nd year bloom is always better than the first but I will be happy to have any blooms. I have so enjoyed all the flowers here. And amazingly I don’t kill most stuff here. I think there is a special blessing here in Italy that all living plants will survive despite what humans may do to them. It amazing to see the balcony’s throughout Italy…I think there is only really 2 months out of a year you don’t see 80% of all window sills and balcony’s filled with some kind of blooming or at the very least lush green plant all around you.


This page is still under construction. Most things appear to work but we have some issues. If you are viewing this with IE the format is off. We think it has to do with the font size and will try to fix it. It is currently best viewed using Firefox. When we have it all up and running you will find information about myself, family and our life and travels in and around Europe where we reside at this time. Please be patient and return to see more. I plan to have many photos from our travels available along with information about the areas.