Continuing-1st parking lot ride

So for my first time on my own bike, Michael rode the bike out to a little parking lot just a couple blocks from the house. It is completely empty, small, with lots of turning, stopping practice and a lot of dirt/rocks. I stalled her several times, really struggled with the “friction zone” and got on and off the bike several times because I was so nervous. Add to it the fact my right thigh was burning from the engine and I was very upset. It was really tough…I was very discouraged. Michael was so supportive…got on the bike and demonstrated the friction zone, so I did some “duck walking” practicing that but with the bike being air cooled and me moving so slowly, my thigh was killing me. I did not last long on this practice and left feeling like I might never learn to ride my bike…

Motorcycle Saftey Course

I was registered for the Riders Edge Safety Course at Las Vegas HD and started class on Thursday evening. The first 2 nights are all classroom time where you learn about gear, the location of everything on bikes like the shifter, reserve fuel, etc. There were 4 of us in the class and I was the only female. There were two young guys (one was 18yrs old) and another guy older than me, Dave. He looked like an intimidating person, but he turned out to be a great support for me as we went through the class. Our instructor, Guy, had been in his first accident since starting riding some 21 years ago just that week and was walking with a horrible limp. He had a massive knee injury, but still rode his bike to work!! I was inspired. Due to medical requirements though he was unable to teach the entire class so the next day we had Mike. He has been riding for over 40 years. He has several degrees and a grey Mohawk!! He too was inspiring. We were visited by some of the local HOG chapter (Harley riders group). We had fun in the classroom but as you can imagine we wanted to ride!! Well that was coming on Saturday morning to start.

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