December 2nd practice

I felt good enough to go for a parking lot practice today after a week of no driving. Hubby took her to a larger parking lot down the street a bit for me and I had a great time.
I got her into 2nd gear
I did more efficient take offs (friction zone becoming more natural)
I took speed bumps without issues
I managed some traffic
Used turn signals
Did some clutch control balancing at slow speed
Scraped pegs doing slow tighter turn (my bike is lowered so it I don’t think I earned the respect this gets yet!)


I took my girl out again for a very short practice in the nearby empty parking lot. I had only been on her once before off and on for an hour (in between crying and cussing moments took me off the bike ) and I stalled her repeatedly, nearly wrecked but apparently some of my training kicked in and I saved it and came to a safe stop and left the lot feeling like I would never figure this out.