Thursday 13

Thirteen things I have learned since moving to Italy.

1. Geography

2. Eggplant really CAN be delicious!

3. Better dressing habits.

4. An appreciation and understanding of "culture."

5. That we need to do more exploring in and around the places we live regardless of location because all city's and towns have something to offer.

6. A true appreciation for the priviledges we have as American's.

Thursday 13


Thirteen Positive Things about our up coming move to Omaha, NE.

1. Being back where I understand the language and can read the signs, ask for help, etc.

2. Living closer to family and friends.

3. 24 hour gas stations.

4. Forced Air heat!!! (radiators here either make it TOO hot or not even warm)

5. The IMAX theater.

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I will not miss about Italy.

1. 3 Kilowatt Electric limits on houses.

2. Tiny washers and dryers.

3. Transformers and plug adapters that cost 300$ and 3-5$ each respectively.

4. The disrespect for lines...Italians do not generally use lines they just fit themselves in closest to whatever you are waiting for.