Thursday 13-#27

Thirteen random things about me

1. I hate peas but love a good split pea and ham soup.

2. I only like Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups…I think the regular size ones have too much peanut butter.

3. I have considered getting my nose pierced…I have a friend who has hers pierced and has this very tiny little cubic zirconia stud that looks beautiful on her.

Thursday 13-#26

Thirteen of my worst traits(in no particular order)

1. I am highly emotional…Michael calls it “passionate” to make it sound nice but really I am really good at over reaction.

2. I interrupt people…I thought I was doing better since starting the YWCA Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault hotline….but I am definitely still interrupting the people who matter most to me and it hurts their feelings.

Thursday 13-#25

Thirteen incredible things about my love…(in no particular order)

1. Unconditional love…NO specifications…take the good and the horrible…

2. Adventurous…very little holding back on trying new/different things…

3. Curiosity…not afraid of asking questions and make life richer thru knowledge.

4. Giving spirits…caring deeply for all people.

5. Positive attitudes…always going to overcome whatever roadblocks come along.

6. Dedication…go the distance for any commitments.

Thursday 13-#24

Thirteen random things about me…(in no particular order)

1. I want to color my hair auburn/red…

2. I miss riding motorcycles…used to ride with my dad…maybe one day we will get one.

3. I really want a tattoo…not sure of what yet though…

4. I love a huge variety of music…and I now have a myspace with a music player on it and I play it almost all the time because I like the mix of old and new…and many of the songs have meaning in my life.