Thursday Thirteen

Phillip, Sam, Aidan (7 months old) and Grandpa before court in Jan. 2009.

I had to say good bye to my little Shemiah, snow baby…she was 14yrs old.

Sara came to visit…This was taken in front of the Holy Family Shrine on a sunny day in Jan???

Crystal came up and then we headed down to the Ozarks. This was the highlight for me…my 1st horseback ride.

Thursday Thirteen #35

Thirteen 13 things I look forward to in March!

1. The end of FEBRUARY!!! Yes, it just seems like the past few months has just been full of stressful, inescapable challenges.

2. Crystal’s visit! I am so glad we were able to work out schedules and money to make this little retreat of ours come to life!

Thursday 13- #33

Thirteen things on my ‘Bucket List’

1. Riding a zip line. I am terribly wimpy when it comes to heights but I would love to go somewhere tropical and do this.

2. Visit and explore Australia for at least a week or two but prefer a month!

3. Take an Alaskan Cruise…I do not want to live in Alaska but would love to visit.

Thursday 13-#32

Thirteen things I hope to do if I get to go to the Ozarks this month. in life

1. The drive with music I want to listen to when I want to listen to it! Yes, most of the time Michael and I work it out but it usually ends up somewhere that we have to listen to some incredible headbanging music that I just don’t enjoy. Some of the old school yes…the new stuff, very little.