Thursday Thirteen

Phillip, Sam, Aidan (7 months old) and Grandpa before court in Jan. 2009.

I had to say good bye to my little Shemiah, snow baby…she was 14yrs old.

Sara came to visit…This was taken in front of the Holy Family Shrine on a sunny day in Jan???

Crystal came up and then we headed down to the Ozarks. This was the highlight for me…my 1st horseback ride.

Wordless Wednesday- #6

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The Ozarks…

The day was sunny! NOT a single cloud…funny part is I was complaining about the clouds and rain and today I would have liked to have a FEW clouds in the sky. LOL It was a beautiful day. I again did not get out of the room as quickly as I had hoped…but I did manage to get 4 caches completed today. One of them ranks as my 2nd favorite cache I have done so far. I love it…unique. I did not make it to the caves, or the falls. I did not eat anywhere new…I have not bought anything from the area…but I have enjoyed what I have done. I wish I could stay one or two more days…there is so much to see and do here…and to be completely honest…I am totally exhausted. Sleep has not been my friend. And my pain level is very high…but when driving and doing…medication is limited. I took 99 photos today but so far I don’t like a single one. Sigh…just have much more to learn.

Thursday 13-#32

Thirteen things I hope to do if I get to go to the Ozarks this month. in life

1. The drive with music I want to listen to when I want to listen to it! Yes, most of the time Michael and I work it out but it usually ends up somewhere that we have to listen to some incredible headbanging music that I just don’t enjoy. Some of the old school yes…the new stuff, very little.