Could it be…

me returning to the fragment world from the depths of computer prison? YES! My husband revived and repaired what was broken and presented the judge with the evidence…it was clearly not my doing so I am free. Ha…computers are great, I hate being with out them but sometimes they feel like angry little atoms just seeking to destroy the human bodies and minds that manipulate them.

33 miles…and already:

Michael was rearended by an EMT…life is insane right now…

Yes Michael is fine…but this life stuff is getting old really fast…

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Unconscious Mutterings

FIRST…the motorcycle is HOME! It is fabulous and I can’t wait until Michael has his motorcycle license and can drive it.

I will be making a gallery folder for photos of the motorcycles. As for life around here…crazy…stressful…overwhelming…a lot of sadness…a loss of knowing what is the “right thing” to do. No communication from our son or his wife and it is not like we have not tried.