Where does the time go?

I have created 3 new gallery photo albums and have one more to go to get caught up. The most recent photos album is from my visit to see Sasha in Little Rock, AR shortly after her husband departed for a deployment. I still have no job so the trip seemed to make sense. I spent 9 days with her and her babies (my grandpuppies). We had a wonderful time, shared a ton, baked cookies, found a geocache or two, drove up to Missouri to see her grandma, cooked food, ate meals, and played Everquest II. Here is a list of a few of my favorite things about the trip:

Gypsy’s 1st Birthday

Here are a couple photos of our babies. I took them yesterday on Gypsy’s 1st birthday. Hard to believe she is a year old. I think she will always look like a puppy!
To view full size photo click the photo then the next photo again.


The new member of the family…

Introducing Gypsy! She is a PomChi-Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix…she is a joy and occupies Pebbles which what I needed!

This was day one with the puppy.

Here is her portrait…there are more photos of both puppies in my gallery!


Why is it?

Why is it that people in California are so willing and appear to be proud to display their marijuana harvest and growing operations on MySpace and Facebook and they get away with it even though there is a legal limit to the amount you can grow even if you have a prescription?