98 Miles today!

I have ridden a couple times since my last update, but this day requires a new entry!

Unfortunately, Michaels bike is still at the shop waiting for parts from England so my plan to do the Red Rock Canyon 13 mile, one way, twisty and curvy road has been delayed as it will be more fun for both of us if we are both on our bikes. So my plan was to go to Blue Diamond and then turn off and head back via the road that meets up with Red Rock Canyon, however, I missed the turn…so there was no turning back. I rode to Pahrump, NV where I pulled in to the first gas station I saw because I had not planned on taking such a long ride, so I was running low on fuel.

I don’t have a windshield on the bike and now I better understand their value. The wind was tiring at 60-65mph. Traffic wasn’t too bad and I even got to do several biker waves!! Hi Awesome! Michael followed me jamming to his music in the Impala as I learned how to compensate for the wind, deal with my throttle hand going numb and work on my road skills. I stayed about 5mph under the speed limit for most of the ride out to Pahrump simply reminding myself to ride my own ride and not let others on the road intimidate me or push me to go faster then I feel comfortable because that is when I am most likely to make an error that may lead to devastating results.

So Michael was worried about fuel too and was glad to see me pulling into the gas station. I was proud to have made it that far and to have pulled in next to the pump and not dumped it! YAY!! After filling up (thank you Michael) I moved the bike out of the way and started to evaluate my route to leave…scary…The exit options were both not my favorite kind of situation. To go out one way meant a U-Turn from a dead stop in traffic Afraid I am just not confident enough yet to try that, especially on a road with a 55mph speed limit. The other option was a short steep slope down to the road with a tight turn to my left to get into the turn lane to get back on the road to return home. I decided to use the ladies room before getting back on the bike and low and behold I returned to find my husband chatting it up with half a dozen bikers, many of whom work at Freedom Cycles, the new Triumph dealer here in Vegas. So now I not only had to decide which way to leave the parking lot but I would have an audience. Pondering Worried for nothing…I managed to pull out just fine!! YAY!!

The trip home was a little warmer but more windy. I managed to maintain the speed limit for most of the trip which ranged from 35-70mph. I played with relaxing my arms and hands more so my hand is less likely to tire and become numb and I tried to enjoy the ride more. It was AWESOME! I was exhausted when I returned home and took a nap. People laugh when I say riding is a workout of sorts, but it really is physically demanding. Obviously, it is not a complete aerobic workout but it does get the blood pumping and cause you to acknowledge muscles you might have forgotten you had. It was exhilarating. I have more to learn, more practice to do, but my confidence level is getting better and enjoyment of the ride is increasing.

I had never been in 6th gear on my bike let alone 70mph, but no more! Wink

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