18 more miles today!

January 19, 2013…more street miles!! WOOT!!

I had a few rough moments but after getting off the bike for a few minutes and then back on, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was not completely releasing the clutch at any point, so the bike never felt like it was in the proper gear and it wasn’t; it was between gears. Lesson learned!

I rode around our neighborhood and made sure to arrange trips to go through intersections at different directions so I had practice on hills at stop lights, turning left and right at intersections and had to take a sharp turn in both directions with one direction being much tighter than the other with little room for error.

I felt awesome…then I pulled her in next to our driveway to park it so Michael could put her in the garage (I really should take a picture of our drive that shows the lean and slope) and sure enough…I NEARLY dropped her…but I didn’t!!!!! I got her back upright!! My husband was behind me and was sure it was going over!! Even better our neighbors are out in their front yard so there was great joy in not letting her take a little nap!!

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