January 13, 2013–I rode her home…

Well, despite incredibly cold weather here in Vegas, I let hubby drive her to the parking lot and I practiced and then I rode her home! It was 26 degrees outside. I don’t have winter gear but I doubled up gloves and had on my leather jacket. It was still cold so I didn’t stay as long as I planned but…

The parking lot went really well. I did not struggle with the bike after not being able to ride it again for 2 weeks (except for the garage sitting) and friction zone and braking seemed more natural. The lot is big enough when it is empty I was able to get to 35mph to see what it felt like. Wow… It felt so fast!! Scary… I practiced stopping and starting, turn signals etc. There was more traffic in the lot today so I used it instead of trying to avoid the areas where it appears, to practice keeping track of it and crossing it. Hills, stopping, swerving, downshifting etc. I felt so much better on the bike today in the lot, I knew I wanted to ride her home. Hubby followed me in the car. Leaving the lot I took the turn too wide, but I stayed in my lane and did not cross into the middle turning lane. I did not let it distract me or upset me, rather I celebrated that I managed to correct enough not to end up in the turn lane. I watched my speed (which I was very concerned about because you have to look down so far to see the speedometer) , made it to 3rd gear, watched my mirrors, managed stop signs, big dips in the road, traffic light and turns.

Watching the traffic (which was not much but was there), lights, road, speed, turn signals etc. was much easier than I had anticipated and came more naturally than I expected. I plan to ride the bike to the lot next time I get to go!! Oh and 35mph did not seem so fast and scary on the street!!

Wow…it was AWESOME! I will be celebrating this day for a while!

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