18 more miles today!

January 19, 2013…more street miles!! WOOT!!

I had a few rough moments but after getting off the bike for a few minutes and then back on, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was not completely releasing the clutch at any point, so the bike never felt like it was in the proper gear and it wasn’t; it was between gears. Lesson learned!

7 Street MILES!!

January 17, 2013
So hubby managed to get off work early today and we did a drive around the neighborhood in the cage to look for some good street riding routes in our neighborhood for me to practice. Traffic was still light enough at that time that when we got home I suited up and took Mischief out. Michael turned the bike around in the garage for me and I started her up and turned her on, put her in gear and walked her down to the bottom of our driveway which is really really slanted down and to the right going down. I was terrified but did it!! I took off to the stop sign at the end of our street and crossed traffic and took off down the road. It is a wide road so I stayed to the right and was slow enough some people passed me by but I kept going, got up to speed and navigated stop signs, turns, traffic, stop lights and even made it to 4th gear for one small stretch. I forgot to use my turn signals the first 2 turns…but kicked it in for the rest. I was a little wide on a couple turns, but hubby followed me in the cage (for non-motorcyclists that is the slang for cars!! yahoo5 ) (his bike is still waiting for parts from England) and said he thought I positioned myself really well for turns. People were patient with me it seems when hubby could not stay with me due to the stop sign rounds. I had one driver do an illegal u-turn in front of me but I handled it fine. I am slow shifting, I think…but I am working on it.