Thursday Thirteen

Phillip, Sam, Aidan (7 months old) and Grandpa before court in Jan. 2009.

I had to say good bye to my little Shemiah, snow baby…she was 14yrs old.

Sara came to visit…This was taken in front of the Holy Family Shrine on a sunny day in Jan???

Crystal came up and then we headed down to the Ozarks. This was the highlight for me…my 1st horseback ride.

This is my grandpuppy, Stella and my new baby girl, Pebbles…Stella was almost 5 times her size…about 45lbs to Pebbles 5lbs.

I had the pleasure of taking prom photos of Angela…She is a special young lady in my life.

I got to go to Weeping Water, NE and watch Sasha and her friend, Miles, skydive…this was the walk to the Cessna.

On my way to Rapid City, SD to visit Jocelynn, I search for a cache in the town of Zobra, NE…but all I got was a couple cool photos.

While in SD with Jocelynn I managed to introduce and cause both of her and her neighbor to catch the geocaching bug/addiction. This was a cache involving the president statues throughout downtown Rapid City.

I went camping with several friends on one of their friend’s private land…this was the view when I climbed out of the tent at 5:30am.

One of the moments captured when I did the photos for Sasha and Sean. I love the bright and honest smiles.

This is the point in the USA that is exactly 1733 miles from the coast line west or east. It is at the Archway Bridge in Kearney, NE.

And this is a photo I did not take…but it is one of the best photos I have seen in about 18 months. Sharon is holding our grandson, Aidan, who had just gotten off the plane from CA. He has adjusted fabulously!!

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