Thursday Thirteen #35

Thirteen 13 things I look forward to in March!

1. The end of FEBRUARY!!! Yes, it just seems like the past few months has just been full of stressful, inescapable challenges.

2. Crystal’s visit! I am so glad we were able to work out schedules and money to make this little retreat of ours come to life!

3. My first horseback ride! Yep, Crystal is setting up a trail ride down in the Ozarks of MO for us. She has chosen a 2 hour ride with a half hour of instruction and I am super pumped to try it out…I just hope I can walk when I get off the horse!! yahoo5 She is planning a SPA trip after, so that is going be another treat!!

4. Our trip through Bridal Cave! I have always loved caves and this one has some Indian history/folklore to it and the photos look quite beautiful.

5. Jefferson City, MO-I have been through there twice but both times were evening or night. I stopped my second time through by the capital around sunset and had just enough light to see that whole area is just filled with cool history and is on the Missouri river. So I have arranged our drive down to Osage Beach to go through Jefferson City so we can have a little break and some time to look around.

6. Sharing with Crystal my newest hobby-Geocaching! It just seems easier for everyone to understand when they actually “see” what it is and how it works.

7. Dinner on the lake or overlooking the lake. I have found a couple of options we will have to chose from.

8. Hopefully getting to visit for a little bit with Marjorie on my way back home. She can out talk ME!! She is probably one of most unique people I have met. I think of her often.

9. The Nickelback concert with Michael when I return from MO! YAY!! They have been here 2 other times and we could not go…so when pre-sale tickets went up a couple months ago I figured out Michael’s schedule and bought tickets!

10. Starting my job with the Census Bureau!! Yep…I have a job!!!

11. Working on our yard. We seriously neglected it last year and I am setting aside some money to do a few important things that will improve a few things….and hopefully help make selling in a year or two easier.

12. And finally, just feeling better in general. I am praying my new medication Sjogrens Syndrome is helpful and makes me feel better. I want to feel physically better for many reasons but a couple of the most important are so I can not be so exhausted, especially if we get temporary custody of Aidan who is crawling now and will be walking soon. Additionally, I want to be able to really geocache this spring and summer. Right now I am limiting my terrain for caches to 2 or less and there are some really cool caches that are 3’s.

Header Graphic courtesy of Samuli

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One Response to Thursday Thirteen #35

  1. Crystal says:

    Hurray for retreats. Looking forward to every plan and everytime un planned as well. yahoo2

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